Abandoned Run

Karl Hoods 07:36:00
This morning's run was abandoned part way through. I had planned to do 20km but 5km in my left calf and shin started to tighten up an...Read More
Abandoned Run Abandoned Run Reviewed by Karl Hoods on 07:36:00 Rating: 5

Wet and windy 18km

Karl Hoods 04:33:00
This weeks long run was 18km in what started out as pretty wet and windy weather. Conditions were slippy under foot and a lot of time spe...Read More
Wet and windy 18km Wet and windy 18km Reviewed by Karl Hoods on 04:33:00 Rating: 5

Great North Run

Karl Hoods 13:20:00
Unfortunately I put my back out 4 weeks or so before the GNR so couldn't do much training, I'd managed 16km in the run up so was...Read More
Great North Run Great North Run Reviewed by Karl Hoods on 13:20:00 Rating: 5
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