10km Row

Decided to give the legs a rest tonight as my calves are still sore.

Seeing as I have a 10km run in a couple of weeks time I thought I'd try and maintain some sort of aerobic fitness and endurance and ditched the intervals in favour of a longer session on my Concept2.

In a weird way I quire like long rows, there's something about the mental battle of your head telling you everything hurts so just stop and do something else. And long rows do hurt, the marathon I rowed was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done.

I quite enjoyed it tonight, for a change I took it steady and just settled in to a steady pace - if only I could run 10km as quick as I can row one!

I call that a long row but I read this article about Darlene Brennan which puts me and many others to shame with the distances she rows at 71!

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