Putting it into practice

I was going to do my interval session on the rowing machine tonight but opted for a run instead - the weather was good and it was an excuse to get the Caterham out of the garage and go for a drive!

I headed over to Norman Park which is a fairly quiet park up the road, it's quite large, has a ample parking if you need it, a playground for the kids and an athletics track. It's also home to Bromley Parkrun and makes for a pretty fast and flat course, well organised by some hardy volunteers and a friendly atmosphere - more info on their Facebook page.

The first thing I did was the stretch James had shown me and a little warm up then set off at what I thought was a gentle pace concentrating on the hints about arms and foot placement. Looking at my Garmin I soon realised I wasn't quite doing the slow run I thought I was.

The changes I'm trying to make do feel different, lighter, quieter, maybe a bit more of a bounce - whether that's right or not I don't know. I must be doing something I wasn't before as my calf muscles are sore - like they were when I first transitioned to midfoot running. I'm sure that'll pass as I adapt, well I hope it does.

I did make a conscious effort to slow down in the latter stages and concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing which made it a bit easier - pacing never has been my strong point.

What I did conclude from today is that I love running and need to do more of it!

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