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I've had a week off since my last run given I was just shattered and couldn't get motivated. I have however kept up with the exercises suggested by @KineticRev.

Some time ago I sent an email to my team at work to see if anyone was interested in running a 10km organised by Teach First - Run the River. Teach First are a charity which is trying to end education inequality and I've had direct experience of the work they do through my involvement as a school governor.

I had a handful of responses and buoyed by the 'scenic' route, night start and prospect of a pint after we signed up and some actually did some training.

What wasn't known until the last minute that this wasn't a closed road run, it hadn't crossed my mind that it wouldn't be, I guess in hindsight closing a chunk of roads round London Bridge and St. Paul's would've been tricky. However, with 3,000 people taking part this made for what was probably one of the most annoying and tricky organised runs I've done.

Before setting off I did the stretches James had shown me, I forgot to do them last time I went out. Even though I found the run frustrating I did keep reminding myself about the arm swing and definitely felt a difference when forgetting and slipping back into a cross body swing. I had the usual twinges in both legs but certainly less pain than normal. At times I found myself pushing forward with the hips and feet being placed more - I don't know why I was doing this but I remember doing the same after the drills but it wasn't something I was doing consistently. When I was doing it I'm sure I was running lighter and faster. Weird.

Battling through the unsuspecting tourists and commuters  all over the route, having to step onto the road trying to avoid buses and couriers and annoying cyclists by using the cycle lanes made it tricky to get into a steady pass and maintain it - my first km was my slowest, the last my fastest which is definitely unusual for me.. Several people took trips on the cobbles, others hit bollards, tripped up and down the stairs on the route - it was eventful!

The most frustrating part of the evening was waiting 40 minutes to collect my bag from the drop off area, being wedged in between several other sweaty runners wasn't pleasant.

I did enjoy the run, concentrating on form and the drills is giving me something else to concentrate on aside from the surroundings - long may it continue :-)

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