Too much too soon - again!

Seeing as I've signed up for Run the River on the 23rd September and am also planning to do the Bournemouth half marathon on the 5th October I figured it was time I did some training of sorts.

Up until a few weeks ago I'd been doing 1 x 10km a week, just the one run a week while I tried to figure out what was causing the pain in the peroneal muscle on my left leg.

Weather was good Sunday so I headed off at a steady pace and thought I'd keep going until I got bored, I didn't have a set distance or time involved just a steady run round. With the words of James Kinetic Revolution in my mind I set off trying to maintain a slighly wider stride width through keeping a back and forwards arm movement rather than my usual acoss the body motion.

I felt good for the most part, I forget how hilly Beckenham is though when I've not been out for a few weeks. To start with a found myself not only keeping my arms in a back and forth motion but also consciously thinking about a wider stride width and for some reason trying to keep my knees wider apart. This wasn't something I was told to do so why I was doing it is anyones guess!

I soon stopped the John Wayne style of running and just kept reminding myself of the back and forth motion every now and then. All was well until about 13km when my lower legs were starting to feel fatigued and I started to get twinges in both legs. This also coincided with me slipping back into my usual arm swing and clipping of legs with feet and I definitely noticed the peroneal pain more. Consciously telling myself to address the arm swing lessoned the pain.

I'd covered 16.25km and for the most part it was an enjoyable run. However, in my usual style I let my enjoyment get the better of me and covered more distance than was probably sensible. During the afternoon and evening we went to the Invictus games closing ceremony and I guess standing up all afternoon / evening with my daughter on my back probably wasn't the best recovery.

Today both legs are quite sore, nothing on the bone as such, all feels muscular so I'm hoping it makes a quick recovery. Back on the rowing later!

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