Sports Injury Clinic Checkup

I had my latest check up with the sports injury clinic at Kings College Hospital this afternoon, slight change to the normal place confused me, headed up to the therapy suite and saw a different clinician to normal.

Had a chat about activity, when my last run was etc (on mentioning my half marathon PB I was asked to leave the clinic!). Oddly I'd not suffered any of the usual pain in the peroneal muscles since the run on Sunday and during the examination and tests there weren't any signs of an issue - no pain, nothing. 

We then agreed that going out and doing 1 run a week was only going to get me so far and it was time to add another run, keeping it short to see how the legs coped. With that advice I packed my bag up and ran home!

As sods law dictates I got home and could feel the pain straight away. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to do 5 miles after the half on Sunday. I'll learn one day!

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