Challenge 2015

So, given this is potentially the last year of the treatment for the bone disease I have I'm going full on to enjoy some running challenges during the year - just in case it all goes south and I have to hang up the trainers.

Unlike Challenge Anneka I won't be using a helicopter in any part of the challenge, nor will I be wearing a jumpsuit.

I will however be running the London Marathon in April and the Berlin Marathon in September along with a few half marathons on the way - Reading is already booked in and after enjoying Bournemouth this year I may give that one a go again as well.

For London I will be raising money for Save the Children who do some excellent work across the world, if you'd like to sponsor me here:

Given my less than ideal skeleton and injury tendencies I won't be following a traditional marathon training plan, I don't think I could sustain the volume and distances. I'll do what I did for the half marathons I did last year and split the running with some quality sessions on the rowing machine and see what happens.

So, tonight kick started the training with a steady 8km row to ease back into it.

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