First Long Run

Headed out this morning for my first run, weather was pretty cold so running tights and gloves were in order - no hat though, I find I get too hot wearing one and I don't need anything else distracting me!

I ran 7km last week so was aiming for the first 'long run' to be around 10km. Legs felt pretty heavy after last nights rowing session, they didn't ache just seemed to take a while to get going.

For the first time in ages I decided not to look at my Garmin while out, I get too fixated on beating my last time and just wanted this run to be comfortable at a pace that felt I wasn't going full on. What still surprises me out running round Beckenham are the hills, I don't notice them so much in the car but one always seems to appear when I least want it to!

Quite a few other runners were around, clad in various combinations of hats, shorts, gloves, tights, tracksuits and I made a point of saying hello or waving if passing someone coming the other way. Almost without exception everyone looked a bit surprised that a stranger was speaking to them, I'm sure it used to be a bit friendlier.

Overall the run felt ok, no major pain just the odd twinge and every now and then but that's normal right? Tomorrow will tell.

Almost home and a quick glance of the watch saw me hit 12km which was perfect.
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