I love technology, which seeing as I work in IT can be a good or bad thing - "you know about computers can you just take a look at...."

Today I came across runScribe whilst having a read about wearable tech and internet of things. Given my slight obsession with trying to find anything that will help me run better I'm surprised I missed the kickstarter on this.

Anyway, the strapline says: "runScribe™ provides 3D insight into the mechanics of how you run. Let the data drive you toward smarter training decisions." It's a small footpod type device that attaches to your shoe and collects "13 kinematic metrics"

In my recent sessions with @KineticRev we've spoken about cadence, minimising contact time and a brief discussion about overpronation and some research which points to the speed at which you pronate rather than the degree of pronation.

I've been (almost) religiously following James' advice and drills but haven't really been counting my steps and have no way of measuring contact time. So, recently I almost bought a Garmin 620 to replace my old one as it will give you some of those metrics (as well as a VO2 max guess) via a chest strap with an in-built accelerometer. What put me off was my experiences of HRM straps failing quite quickly and actually more because I'd probably be constantly checking the watch and not enjoying the run.

What appeals to me about runScribe is the level of analysis it would give me post run, not while I'm out. For me this would be a really useful aid to determine whether the advice I've been given is being implemented properly and having an impact. I can feel the difference James' advice is having which for most may well be good enough but I like numbers and being able to see if they're changing . I can see how this could be used by trainers & coaches in addition to things like video analysis, it brings an extra dimension, that said I'm not a coach!

I've emailed them to see if they'll ship to the UK and when, am very interested to see how it works.

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