Week 5 Training

This has been one tiring week, probably as it began with a 25km row, this was a fairly sedate affair in the spirit of long slow runs - 1:54. I actually enjoyed it despite the sore hands and numb backside.

Tuesday I ventured onto the treadmill and thought I'd give my old Brooks trainers and orthotics a go. I've come to the conclusion that running on a treadmill is harder than on the road, I'm sure I used to find it much easier but I just don't enjoy it anymore. Anyway, I didn't notice much difference in terms of the usual aches and strains but I don't have as bad a post run reaction than normal.

I had some physio this week and was asked to bring in the orthotics I used to wear. Chatting to the podiatrist he gave me food for thought in that all the support and cushioning built in was when I ran heel striking. Now I'm more midfoot they probably need to change to add more around the midfoot area. This is where biomechanics get really confusing for me and the whole overpronation in relation to the forefoot and rearfoot and whether that's a problem or not begins to go over my head. Nonetheless the suggestion was to try a run with the orthotics in my Newton's.

I had a good set of 500m intervals on Tuesday, the first 7 were all bang on the same pace, the last was 3 seconds off as I was completely gone. Lungs and legs were burning and I felt sick!

After an enforced rest day Wednesday I attempted to do the 5x1500m intervals on my plan. It didn't work, I was shattered and gave up half way through the second interval.

After a long week at work and a fair amount of exercise I found myself falling asleep on the train before it had left the station. This made the 12km I had planned a tortuous affair from the outset, I wanted to give up inside the first 2km but somehow managed to hang on to complete a slow session. Every meter counts at the moment!

Ventured out for a 10km run Saturday morning and put the orthotics I have in my Newton's as advised. It felt much the same as without to be honest although post run I have no pain in my right leg but do in my left.

25km row
5km treadmill
8 x 500m/r3:30 rowing intervals
Rest - work night out!
Abandoned 1500m intervals
12km row
10km row

Total km's ran: 52
Total km's rowed: 173.25
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