Week 6 Training

Didn't do much on Sunday as we were up and out early to watch the British Rowing Indoor Championships at the velodrome.  Really enjoyed watching the races although the screens showing where each erg was in the race could have been better - that or some way of streaming it to your own device.

I picked up where the rowing plan left off with a rest day Monday and a pyramid session on Tuesday. I ignored all the advice and practice I'd had at pacing and went off way too hard for the first two which made the rest of the session and absolute nightmare! I split Wednesdays session up into a 1km warm up/down with a 5km in the middle and was pretty pleased with the time.

As we were out all day Sunday I went out for a long run on saturday instead. My wife was volunteering at parkrun so she drove over, left the car there and got her long run in that way - I then went out for my run to collect it - teamwork!

Overall the run was pretty good, a few aches and pains but nothing too drastic and certainly not out of the norm.

Pyramid Session (6.9km)
7km row
10.5km row
16.25km run

Total km's ran: 68.25
Total km's rowed: 197.65
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