Week 7 Training

My long run was done last Saturday, partly as we were out for the day again on Saturday - mostly eating food! I'd run with orthotics in my Newton's and the usual pain I have after a run wasn't really there. It's still not right but a lot better - perhaps the orthotics are helping after all.

Had a good week rowing with a 5km PB of 19:39:08 which knocks 10s off my previous best. I think the frustrations of work and spurred on listening to the Foo Fighters definitely helped!

Thursday was MRI scan on my legs, whilst laying there between cycles or whatever it does I was counting down the minutes by working out how far I'd rowed. Sad really! Results next week so I guess I'll soon find out what is up.

I ended the week doing 500m intervals with a mate, he's not done them before and to be honest we got carried away a bit on the first few and felt it half way through.

9km row
4x1km Intervals (6.5km total) + 8km Steady
5km row (PB) + 2km warm up / down
10x500m Intervals

Total km's ran: 68.25
Total km's rowed: 233
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