After this weeks long run I was really suffering with blisters. I can pinpoint the moment the most sore one happened - Clock House Road, 31km in, landed mid-foot on the edge of the kerb and immediately felt what I thought was it going. No, it appears to have just created another under the taping.

I managed to get fitted in at Crystal Palace Sports Injury Clinic to see the podiatrist and get some advice and patching up for Reading half this weekend and ultimately the London Marathon in a few weeks.

Had a good chat with Liam the podiatrist and aside from the fact I hadn't really gotten used to them in terms of mileage the main issue could be the cushioning and fact there's no flex in the sole. I left with a patched up version of the original insole with a new spongy covering and a bit more give.

Fingers cross for Reading on Sunday!
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