Week 10 Training

Blisters still hadn't healed so the long run was done with compeed on the smaller one and a dressing on the other, coupled with some Hilly marathon socks to try and reduce them.

It was a really nice day for a run, if not a little hot at times, my wife had come back the day before with sun burnt arms and face! I quite enjoyed the run, taking in a slightly different route to add on some extra km's which is always good for the mind. Energy gels seemed to work ok - taking them at roughly 5km intervals from the 8km mark as suggested by Dr. Baron. They don't sit well on the stomach though after your 3rd or 4th one so I'll try something solid as well next week.

Rowing took a bit of a hit given tiredness after the long Sunday run, dropping Saturday's one seems to work well in terms of the legs not feeling heavy though.

If I could only sort out these blisters I'd be a happy man!

29km Run
10km Interval Sesion (inc recovery)
6km Row
8km Row

Total km's ran: 141.25
Total km's rowed: 310,250
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