Week 9 Training

Set out Sunday aiming for 25km but didn't quite make it, just didn't seem in the mood and all the way round my feet were sore which later turned out to be some horrendous blisters on the arches of both feet.

I used this run to start getting used to gels and also having a drink, so went out armed with High5 IsoGel's and a Camelbak full of water.

There was one hill in particular that finished me off, I swear I was going backwards getting up it, after that I was in a right mood and the last 1km was awful so I stopped just short of my target.

On Tuesday I  went flat out on the pyramid interval session, recording PB's on the first half and slowing down slightly during the second. I was pretty pleased with the effort but paid for it the next day as I struggled to stay awake! I think the long run and intervals took it's toll as the rest of the week was just a mess!

24km Run
7km Pyramid Session
5km Row
8.5km Row

Total km's ran: 112.25
Total km's rowed: 286,250
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