Week 12 & 13 Round up

Have been a bit slack on the blog front lately, combination of forgetting and being away for a week,

In the few weeks it's been I've carried on with the 1 run and a number of rows in the week which seems to be working. The most annoying thing has been blisters. No amount of taping etc has helped really so I've switched back to 1000 mile socks and talc which is better, not great but manageable.

I completed Reading Half the last weekend of March and managed a PB of 1:38:47 which is almost 3 minutes quicker than my previous. I started about 20 metres behind the 1:40 pacer and ran at what just felt comfortable. I got slightly annoyed by what felt like a bit of a yo-yo pace to be honest, maybe it wasn't and it was just the hills where I was slowing down and they were maintaining. In any event by the time we got to the University section I decided to push on and waited for them to come flying past me which didn't happen thankfully!

The weekend after Reading I attempted to do 22 miles on the Sunday as my long run but just didn't feel right from the off. I possibly overdid the rowing midweek and just felt sluggish and heavy legged on my usual route. The wind and rain didn't help nor did the sore ankle I picked up, I often roll my ankles on uneven ground so probably did something on one of those occasions. I stopped the run at 25km as I was going nowhere fast.

If this happens on the 26th I won't be pleased!

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