Great North Run

Unfortunately I put my back out 4 weeks or so before the GNR so couldn't do much training, I'd managed 16km in the run up so wasn't too fussed about it and was happy just to plod round.

I'd gone mentally prepared for wet and windy weather but it was a balmy 18 degrees so much warmer than I thought it would be. Luckily for me my side of the start went under the flyover at the start - the other lot went up it - not what you want at the start of a half marathon!

Once you crossed the bridge most of the race was along dual carriageways, crowds were out at various places though, adding to the atmosphere. I missed the red arrows - they were in the distance behind some trees when people around me noticed they were around.

The last mile or so coming down to the seafront was a nice change of scenery, the crowds were packed and cheering everyone. I noticed the Muscular Dystrophy team (I was running for them) which were luckily on the same side so I waved frantically and shouted as I went past.

Overall I was quite pleased to finish in 1:43 with an interrupted training schedule.

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