Abandoned Run

This morning's run was abandoned part way through. I had planned to do 20km but 5km in my left calf and shin started to tighten up and hurt quite a bit so I headed home instead.

I had been getting a bit of shin pain but put that down to old shoes, so today's run was in a new pair of Newton Motions.

Looking at the data it's a bit confusing and doesn't appear shoe related in terms of the left anyway. The numbers for the right foot are all lower than previously.

The summary picture above shows average pronation but high velocity on the left foot whereas the right foot is low.

The following image shows the amount of pronation and the velocity

comparing that with last week's run in shoes that have done a fair amount of miles

This appears to show less amount of pronation but the speed at which it happens has increased. I'd have thought that with newer shoes the figures would be lower as per the right foot. Not sure what the imbalance is being caused by - time to get back on the exercises and maybe see the physio!

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