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This blog is mainly my ramblings on running related themes.

I currently work for Save the Children and have a wide and varied background across a number of technology disciplines. My experience has pretty much always been in what's not called digital. starting off working for a startup developing online presences for sporting events in the late 90's. It was hypermedia when I started, then new media and now everything is digital. I've got a particular interest in emerging technology and how it can be used to effect change within organisations.

I love running although can only do it once a week so have a love hate relationship with my Concept 2 rowing machine and a collection of bikes I don't really use much - but ought to!

I always enjoyed running as a child, was never particularly good at it but enjoyed it all the same - that's the way it should be though when you're young isn't it?! I took up running again after my dad died in 2001 and spent the next 10 years or so being plagued with injuries.

Over the years I've spent a fortune on shoes, physio's, osteopath's, massage, orthotics and anything else I could try to alleviate the symptoms as well as boring everyone by researching anything and everything about running injuries.

During that period I had 2 breakthrough moments; the diagnosis of compartment syndrome and the resulting operation cured that. Then as a result of many stress fractures I was diagnosed with a mild form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta - not the best skeletal condition to enjoy running with! Thankfully the drugs was given (bisphosphonates) seem to have had an effect, after 3 years I've not had a stress fracture. Although that treatment has ended I'm keeping on running until it stops me, how long it lasts in your system is anyone's guess. I'll be forever grateful to the staff at King's College Hospital for their diagnosis and management of this disease.

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